Friday, April 06, 2012

Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice

The Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice are due for review in 2012.

The CBAA is seeking feedback about the current Codes in order to complete its submission tothe ACMA in July 2012 and you can contribute your comments.

The last review of the Codes of Practice was undertaken in 2008. This involved an extensive process which informed the revision and implementation of the current document, dated 23 October 2008. The Codes, in their current iteration, have been working reasonably effectively for the sector as a whole over the past three years and the feedback we receive will assist us to form a comprehensive picture of how well the Codes are working at a station level.

Consultation and feedback is an important aspect of ensuring that the Codes of Practice reflect community standards and remain relevant in the contemporary media environment.

Click on the following link to view how you can contribute.
Please submit your feedback or comments to the CBAA by Friday 4 May, 2012.

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