Monday, May 14, 2012

On Air Announcing

Many people might dream of being the “smooth” voice on radio, however, good radio personalities don’t just sit in front of a microphone and"wing it" away for 4 or so hours.

So I've been in learning mode again.  When you get to spend time with radio personalities who day in and day out do radio for a living, you begin to appreciate the dedication to the job.  So whether you are volunteering at your local community radio station, or thinking about volunteering, here's a few ideas I've been learning that might help.
Before a radio personality even gets into the studio to their show they need to:

·         Plan & Prepare – What is the show about, what are they talking about, who is being interviewed, what events/issues are going to be raised?  Have you done your research?

·         Write out script/main points.  Don’t forget the use of commas and fullstops, marking breath points and writing out phonically(how a word sounds) so you don’t forget how it should sound

·         Practice talk breaks out loud

·         Smile when you are talking J

·         Practice inflection -  Alteration in pitch or tone of the voice Don’t talk in monotone – people will be asleep or change to another radio station. L 

·         Where you sit in relation to the microphone.  Don’t be too close, too far away, or sitting in an uncomfortable position.

·         Where you hold your script/notes (so that listeners don’t hear paper rustling)

·         If you are not prepared, don’t know what to say – don’t turn the microphone on.

·         Your voice in your tool – take care of it.  Don’t drink milk or cold water before going into studio .

·         Watch when you are speaking that you are not shouting or too soft – it’s important to keep a constant volume level in your voice.

·         Temp – how fast or slow you speak.  If you talk too fast, no one will understand you.  If you talk too slow, it’s boring.  People will stop listening.

·         Write your script as conversational – the way you would speak one on one with a friend over a cuppa.

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