Monday, May 28, 2012

Radio: One-on-One

What is radio?   A communication tool/resource  we use.  Radio is personal and powerful.  Radio continues to broadcast 24/7 through the airwaves.  Radio can be used positively or negatively. Radio is everywhere. 

When you about sharing one-on-one.  Your talking to a “friend”.  Don’t use phrases that speak to the masses, but use phrases that speak to the individual.  Radio is relational.  Your listeners feel that they have a “friendship” with you, the announcer.  Even if you are having a bad day, the listener isn’t concerned about that, they want to connect with you.  They want to connect with something that understands where they are at.  Listeners don’t want to feel like they are the “masses”.

As radio personalities we need to be relevant and real. Use word economy – say what you need to say.  Use short, concise sentences.  Make your talk breaks relevant to your listeners.  Don’t be boring.  Don’t speak in monotone .  Remember that readers can go back and re-read printed material, however with radio you get one chance – so right you script so it makes sense and is relevant.  Write in conversational language as if you are speaking with one person in mind.

² You only have to talk to one person.  Radio is a one –to-one medium.

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