Friday, June 29, 2012

SnapShot of Community Radio

I was reading the following information at CBOnline.  This information shows just how important YOUR local community radio station is to OUR Local Communities.  Why not become involved in your local community radio station?  You never know, you might just be the next "voice"we hear daily on radio :-) ...


As at 2010, community radio in Australia had:
  • 361 fully licensed community radio stations
  • 50 temporary licensed community radio stations
  • 7 ethnic stations
  • 7 education stations
  • 15 Radio for the Print Handicapped stations
  • 22 Indigenous stations
  • 35 religious stations
  • 8 youth stations
  • 8 senior/mature age stations
  • 4 fine music stations
  • Almost 20,000 volunteers in the sector
  • Average 74 volunteers per station
  • 20% of station volunteers are under 26 years of age
  • 34% of all community radio stations are sole providers of local programming in their area
  • 72% of station programming is locally produced - approximately 120 hours per station per week.
  • 37% of music programming is Australian music
  • The average community radio station broadcasts 45 hours of Australian music each week
  • Nationally 2,118 hours of programs broadcast for people from non-English speaking background each week
  • 1,257 hours per week of programming aimed at Indigenous audiences
  • 1,623 hours per week of programming aimed at people with a print handicap
  • Sponsorship largest income category – 39% of national income
  • Subscription/membership 7% of national income
  • Donations 12% of national income.
Download an overview of the Community Radio National Listener Survey 2010 as a PDF here.
Prepared for the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia by McNair Ingenuity Research © 2010. Produced as part of CBOnline.

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