Thursday, August 23, 2012

OnlyOz Store Opening in Brisbane

Australians concerned about the demise of our nation’s grocery manufacturers can be 100 per cent sure they are supporting their country at a one-of-a-kind “OnlyOz” store in Brisbane being officially opened by KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter tomorrow. (Friday 24th August)

After seven years of providing Australians with 100 per cent Aussie-made and owned products via the Only Australian Groceries internet store (, Howard and Katie Hooker have opened their doors to the public at 168 South Pine Road Enoggera.

Mr Katter said news headlines were increasingly highlighting the supermarket giants’ squeeze on our food producers and manufacturers – dramatically worsening a situation that has already led to a farmer committing suicide every four days in Australia.

“Australia is already a net importer of fruit and vegetables and within a few years will be a net importer of all food,” he said.
“An estimated 150,000 small businesses and 100,000 farmers are under threat from the supermarket giants’ 90 per cent market share compared to America's 23 per cent.
“No intelligent person on Earth would say you have a free market operating when two people in the marketplace have 90 per cent share.
“It’s outrageous and it cannot be allowed to continue. Now is fighting time.”

Howard and Katie Hooker go out of their way to order Australian made products from a variety of Australian owned companies.
“We take the hard work out of buying Australian, because that’s all we sell,” said Mrs Hooker.
“It isn’t easy, but we are committed to supporting Australian manufacturing and keeping Australians employed,” added Mr Hooker, an Australian Defence Force ex-serviceman.
Each product has a rating, such as AAAA for Australian owned and made from Australian materials or ingredients; AAA for Australian owned and made from local and imported ingredients; or AA for Australian owned and packaged made with imported products (as some products are not made in Australia by anyone).

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