Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who will say sorry to future generations?

Who is going to say 'sorry'when children of this generation grow up and ask 'who made the decision I should never have had a mother or father?'
With the Tasmanian Premier tabling a bill to legalize same-sex marriage who is going to one day answer this generation of children's question about who made the decision they should never have a mother or father?

It seems that today's generation is focused on the "immediate"and not looking at the future.  Sadly it seems we have not learnt from issues such as the stolen generation.

I hope that today's generation of Leaders, self-serving groups and our complacent general public are willing to one day answer the future generations question.

It does make me wonder if she has asked the "The majority of Tasmanians?"

Did the Premier of Tasmania personally go out around her state and ask the majority?
After all here in Queensland our last Government was ousted out in a dramatic swing against Labor.  Whilst here in Queensland the gay marriage issue is still going, and that was not the only issue to remove our previous government, what happened in our state should make the governments both state and federal take notice of the people of Australia.

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