Thursday, July 25, 2013

South Australia Votes to Uphold Marriage

From FAVA website- thanks to FAVA for keeping us informed!

“The defeat of Dr Susan Close’s Same Sex Marriage Bill in the SA House of Assembly today is good news for our community,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.
“Several MPs mentioned that they had received a huge number of letters and emails from constituents asking them to retain the natural, man-woman meaning of marriage.
“Moreover our legal advice supports what Liberal MPs and others have argued in today’s debate – that marriage is the responsibility of the commonwealth parliament.  A state same sex “marriage” bill would be constitutionally invalid because it would be in conflict with the federal Marriage Act,” Mrs Phillips said.
“Marriage is fundamentally a complementary union of a man and a woman who have the potential to conceive and raise the next generation with both male and female role models.
Gold standard research by Dr Mark Regnerus, based on a very large randomised sample with matched controls and objective reports by the children in adulthood, shows that children do best on a whole range of measures when raised by their married biological mum and dad.  Another gold standard study on child abuse and neglect, which looked at outcomes in six different family types, found that children are safest by far when raised by their natural married parents.*
“As Schubert MP Ivan Venning pointed out in his speech today, the marriage debate has been hampered by a biased media which touts the success of same-sex parenting.  Our leaders should look carefully at properly conducted research where the parents are randomly selected and their children are assessed independently.  The current study of same-sex parenting by Melbourne University is invalid because it has recruited volunteers who assess their own children’s progress,” Mrs Phillips said.  
“Marriage is the bedrock institution of our society.  Let’s strengthen marriage, not redefine it,” Ros Phillips said.
* Fourth US National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect, Part 5: Incidence by Family Structure, January 2010.

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