Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Hot or Cold

From Follow the Rabbi:  Check out the full article here:  http://followtherabbi.com/journey/footsteps/hot-or-cold

Are you hot or cold?

Changing the World by Being Hot and Cold

In light of the water for which the cities of Hierapolis, Colosse and Laodicea were known, the apostle John might have been saying, "If you were hot, like the springs of Hierapolis, you'd bring healing, restoration, and comfort to people who suffer. If you were cold, like the water in Colosse, you'd refresh and encourage people who are hurting. Instead, you are lukewarm. You don't do anyone any good and you make me sick, just like your own water." So he challenged Christians today to be hot and cold in our daily lives, to bring people the healing, caring, encouraging touch of Jesus.
We must also be aware of how God prepares people to receive his message and to make the most of the opportunities he has provided. He uses as his example two earthquakes, one in AD 17 and one in AD 60, that destroyed Laodicea before the gospel arrived. Because of these disasters, the people's faith in their pagan gods wavered. Zeus, Apollo, Domitian, and Demeter didn't save us, they thought, so who will? They were searching for someone who could fill the gap. So the message of Jesus the Messiah took root in fertile ground. And it appears the believers of Laodicea took John's warning to heart: the church of Laodicea remained a dynamic community after most of the churches in Asia Minor had disappeared.

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