Sunday, April 10, 2016

Listening to God's Voice

(Ps B Minniecon )

Some notes from Sunday's service )

Bible Reference: Joshua 1:1-3

Here God lays out some plans and purposes.   As we listen to God, He speaks to us; he has a special purpose and place for us.  As we listen to God he puts things into place for us.  Old things are past, God wants to bring some new things in our lives.   He gives us direction each day.

The voice we listen to will determine the direction that we walk in.

If we listen to our emotions we will remain in the spiritual  desert.  If we listen to the whispers of the enemy we will be intimidated.   If we listen to the voices of critics who don't like us we be discouraged.

We must listen to the voice of God's spirit so we know what to fo each day.  In a war there mustbe good communication otherwise the troops won't know what to do and get shot to pieces.   We are on front line, and if we don't listen to God we will be shot to pieces by the enemy.


The people didn't go into revival; they didn't enter promised land.  They refused.   Sometimes we do the same.  We refuse to go into the promises that God wants for us.   The Israelites didn't listen to the voice of God.   Sometimes we do the same.   Each day we must listen to the voiceof God.  The spiritual battle must be fought with spiritual weapons.

The Holy Spirit knows what the enemy will bring against us.  God's promises never change.   Each day we are able to claim the promises of God.  Abide in God and His  word abides in us we can claim the blessings  in His Word.   We need to listen to God every day.  

Today many Christians are trying to walk their spiritual battle with their communications systems in disrepair.

When God begins to put things in our hearts the communication system begins to be repaired.

What voice do we listen to?   If we regularly listen to the voice of God we will overcome the grasshopper mentality.   What are the mountains in our lives?  God can remove mountains in our lives.   Christians can wander around like the Israelites,  and miss the blessings.   He wanted to give them the blessings.

Like God called Joshua,  he calls us to do a special work for  him.   If we listen to the voice of God.   It wasn't God's will that they remained in the desert.   He wants to take us into the promised land.

Joshua 1 : 4-7
No one would be able to stand against us all the days of our lives, if we listen to God

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