Monday, June 13, 2016

Tolga Community Church: Do you live as a child of God whom He blessed?

Tolga Community Church: Do you live as a child of God whom He blessed?: Bible Reference:  Ephesians 1 :3-14 Do we like to receive a present?   God wants to lavish us with gifts to those who are in Christ.   When we don't use the gifts he has given us;  it hurts him. By using the gifts God has given us,  our lives go in directions we never thought of.

Ephesians was not written in Hebrew;  it was written in greek.  Israel was to show the world God's morality.   They failed to do it.   We also fail,  except for grace of God.

Paul begins this section by praising God the Father for every spiritual blessing given for God's people.

Why did God chose me?  But He did!

Count your blessings,  name them one by one!

In the Old Testament the jews took their law to a place where they 'locked it up'.  Jesus doesn't do this, he unlocks us.

Is God doing things in your life?   If not, have a talk with God.

Ephesians 1:4-5

We are adopted as sons and daughters and we are given an inheritance.   We receive the inheritance when we become a Christian.   We are to use

God purposely chose us.  We need to do something with this.  The Jews know they are God's people,  even though the world comes against them.

I am a son/daughter of God.  We need to remember this every day.

To keep trying to earn your salvation is a sin.  God makes you good enough.   If we try to be 'good enough ', we sin.  He wants us to take and use our inheritance.

Ephesians - how we can live in the salvation He gives us.

Jesus makes me right - having faith in the right place. Are you saved to come to church once a week or are you saved to live out your salvation each day.

We have to be identified as Christians.   Too often no one knows you are a Christian.   If you live your life so right; you'll be pleasing the world.  Even the world didn't always say 'nice' things about Jesus.  Don't please the world;  please Jesus!

When we don't pick up our inheritance we lose.  Paul is telling them to pick it up.

Are we too busy loving other people and not loving God?

Are we too busy to not collect the prize?

It's not about insurance;  its about assurance.

God provides - even the food we need.   Don't be silly and run around like a  turkey;  be like an eagle souring,  seeing the big picture.

Do you live as a child of God whom He blessed?  It's important to God we are blessed.

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