Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Have you ever felt disconnected?

Disconnection can be:

  • with family
  • with your spouse
  • with friends
  • with your work
  • with your faith
  • with life
Disconnection can also be with the little things like your website!

This past week due to a disconnection, neither of my blogger pages were working and this caused me to re-evaluate what the disconnection meant.

Should I bother?  Should I try to re-connect?  Perhaps I should just delete everything and not bother.

Disconnection puts us in a place where we can either run and hide or face up to the situation.  So after trying to re-connect, I found a youtube site which showed me how to re-connect my blog page back to my domain name.

What have I learnt?  It's easy to disconnect.  Life would be 'simpler' with no connection.  But as human beings (not doings) we rely on connection.Our connections come through relationships.

Well, the connection of my blog page and my domain name is also a 'relationship'.  Putting in the correct information connects the two together.  It's the same with our relationships - we need to put in the correct information.  We can't make assumptions.  We must be intentional in our relationships.  That doesn't mean being confrontational.  Yes there are times when we must confront issues.  But being intentional is about putting in quality - time, words, actions, compassion, love and forgiveness. 

To re-connect my blog page back to the domain name meant I had to choose to be intentional.  It meant for someone like myself, who is not tech savy at all, hours of reading, and watching youtube clips to work it out.  Now someone who loves the technical side of computers and websites might think well, it really very easy.  However, not being gifted in this ability meant I had to be intentional about finding out how to make the reconnection.

Life is about making a difference.  If you choose to make a difference, be intentional.  Look for ways to connect or re-connect with those around you.

Ideas?  Catch up with that friend whom you see often at the supermarket and constantly say, "we must catch up", or invite a family you've been praying for over for a meal.  Write a letter to you grandmother and include a photo of yourself (and your family); send a text to someone who have been concerned about and include a verse of encouragement.  You will be surprised how often they just need that encouragement at that moment.

Re-connecting is best done face-to-face.  But let's use technology and social media for good to keep our connections.

Oh by the way this youtube clip might help anyone who has a domain with enom: 

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