Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pass on What You Have Learned

Recently, I watched a newly minted tradesperson work alongside a first year apprentice.  It was heart-warming to observe.  What I noticed about these two people is how different each was, yet they had a working relationship of mutal respect.

The new tradesperson seemed a little hesitant in giving direction to the apprentice.  Perhaps remembering how it felt, not that long ago when then too were the new apprentice, trying to find their place in the 'pecking line'.

The concern of the tradesperson for the apprentice was evident.  They wanted to encourage and edify, yet knew that for the job to be done, direction had to be concise.

Leadership doesn't always come naturally to some people.  But I observed the one who had recently been the learner, now being the teacher.  That's part of leadership.  If people don't follow us then we are simply people taking a walk.  To be a teacher, people have to follow.  They have to come with us. Otherwise, we are simply taking a walk by ourselves and not passing on what we have learnt.

In the Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi, Yoda tells Luke, "Pass on what you have learned."  Well, the same applies to us.  It's important for a tradesperson to teach an apprentice, so that the skills that enable them to complete their chosen trade continue.  A builder teaches their apprentice to plan, build and complete a house, or quoted structure.  A hairdresser teaches their apprentice how to cut and style hair and the necessary skills to colour and assist the client in their choice.

Could you imagine what would happen if no one passed on their skills?  But sadly, many people don't.  They don't take the time to mentor, and encourage the next generation.  Let's be people who edify and encourage.  Pass on what we have learned to a new generation!

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