Friday, June 30, 2017

Strong and Courageous

Be strong and very courageous!

Do we believe these words?  In today's world, we may often feel weak and very afraid.

Yet in Joshua 1:7 God is telling Joshua, the new leader of a nation brought out of slavery from Egypt and on their way to the land promised to them and their forefathers, to be strong and very courageous.
Moses, God's servant, has just died and Joshua has been appointed to take the nation of Israel across to the 'promised land'.

What's the journey you are on?  Do you feel strong and courageous?  Many people believe that to have courage, then you have no fear.  Having courage doesn't mean you have no fear.  Being courageous means that, in spite of any fear you may have, you still do what has to be done.

When you start a new job, you may have some anxiety, however, that should not stop you from turning up on day one to begin.  Perhaps, you have gained a promotion.  There will be some unknown aspects of the role you have just taken on.  Now is the time to step up!

Joshua, in Scripture, was encouraged by the Lord.  Throughout the book of Joshua in Scripture, we are shown how God is faithful and that He keeps His promises.  Joshua was not a coward. He was a military leader.  He was appointed by God and he was faithful to God. He was brave and wise and honourable. When Moses sent 12 men into the land of Caanan to bring back a report on the peoples, cities and land, Joshua and his counterpart Caleb were positive and ready for action, knowing God was on their side.   He didn't just believe in God, He had a relationship with God that was personal.

There are many things we cannot control.  However, we can learn to manage our emotions, we can learn to make wise choices by reading Scripture and putting into practice Romans 12:1-2.

As we journey through life, we can trust that God keeps his promises and that we can be strong and courageous.  We can live to make a difference, just like Joshua.

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