Sunday, July 09, 2017


I always find it interesting when writing up my blog posts how people react.  And I truly appreciate receiving feedback.  Mostly, writing is an outlet to put down thoughts, learning experiences and hopefully encouragement.

Sometimes I like to stop and reflect on how people interact with me, and with each other.  Human beings are complex, emotional, opinionated, occasionally stubborn and selfish.  Yet we need to remind ourselves that we are 'beings'.  We are not automated robots.  We breathe, we think and we imagine.  When we stop doing this we expire.

Since Easter this year, when I was able to stop for a week or so and reflect on life after being unwell for a short period of time, I spent time with the Lord.  I admit, I find it easy to become a 'human doing', you know, doing this and that, keep routine and slogging through each day.  You can only maintain this for a time before you become disgruntled, upset, easily offended and easily manipulated by others opinions.

Easter was a timely reminder that God made me (and you!) a human 'being'.  We are the most amazing part of His creation - made in His likeness.  He chooses human beings to have a relationship with.  Throughout Easter, I was challenged to deal with "what's beneath the water line".  This process once begun has brought much to light in my life.  And you what?  I thank God that this process is happening.  For the first time in a very long time, the re-connection with God is closer, and it wasn't Him who disconnected.  In my 'busyness' to serve Him, I was so busy 'doing' that I had been disconnecting from Him.  Like Dan Bremnes wrote in his song, "Beautiful" - Lord You know You've opened my eyes, Shown me things that I can't see on my own....And You, Changed me from what I used to be, Opened my eyes, now I can see, You're making this life so beautiful...So beautiful...

Dan Bremnes wrote "Beautiful"...

Lord I want everything
Everything You've got for me
I won't be satisfied until I find the center of Your heart

Lord You know You've opened my eyes
Shown me things that I can't see on my own
You call me justified
Free to find everything you are

And You
Changed me from what I used to be
Opened my eyes, now I can see
You're making this life so beautiful
So beautiful

Lord I give You everything
Anything You want from me
Take my past and my future
I lay it at Your feet

I'm after Your heart
You've stolen mine
I give You my all cause You gave up Your life
I'm not who I was
Simply because
Oh, You set me free

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