Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Travelling Together...on life's road

It's an interesting experience to travel together in two vehicles, one camper and 5 people over a week along rough roads.

The long hours, rough conditions and being close for long periods of time can test you.  Sometimes, it's enjoyable.  At other times, you long for stillness, and quiet.

Life however, is not still and definitely not quiet.  If it's quiet then you may have to consider if you are still breathing!

In our family, quiet is ... well let's say we're not known for being too quiet.  But the fun of travelling together and working together is something we enjoy.

Now after a few days of rough roads and living in a camper, we could start picking on each other, niggling and getting upset.  And occasionally as any family experiences, this does happen.

However, working together, interacting and chatting about the sights, creek crossings, tracks and 4WDing expeditions also brings laughter, and lightness.  That's what a family can do.

As I've been reflecting on our recent Cape York adventure, I realize how often we empowered each other to "have-a-go" and "you-can-do-it"!  We all gained insights into each other and learnt skills.  Whether it was meeting new people, driving in terrain that we hadn't experienced before or fixing something, we all were able to encourage one another.

This attitude of encouragement and empowering is often left out of the places where we work, and volunteer.  Often what we experience is not being encouraged but being controlled.  Having been in a number of voluntary positions over the past 20 years, I have seen many times how leadership can either build up their people or pull them down.

To see my children take on new experiences and build confidence and skills really encourages me and yes, I am a  proud mum!  I know that once they are ready to take off on their own, what they've learnt and experienced will stand them firm through life's challenges.

Can I encourage you to encourage and empower those around you?

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