Monday, January 15, 2018

Living Life - Taking out the Stress (or some of it!)

Life if Busy.  We all know this.  For some it's crazy busy; for others it seems they have it all together.  Yeah, well...

After 15 years out of the workforce and now the past four years back in the workforce, I can honestly say, I take "my hat off" to those women who have raised children from infancy and worked either full-time or near full-time.

Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the sacrifices my husband and I made, so I could be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) for 15 years. The past four have definatly challenged me out of my comfort zone.

So, life is busy - sometimes borderline crazy.  How do we cope?  Firstly, I don't believe in being a mum who does everything for her children.  Why?  How will they cope once their out in the world on their own?

Mistakes, yep made plenty.  But help your kids by teaching them about picking up after themselves, making meals (even basic ones) so they can feed themselves, washing clothes, cleaning the house and yard.  Of course teach age appropriate chores.  With freedom comes responsibility. It helps them when they get their first job.  An employer does not want to hire a messy, can't use a broom or boil water employee.  We are responsible to help our kids learn to survive in this busy world.

When my kids were infants, I taught them about "quiet time".  Putting down devices, turning off the TV and just resting or reading a book (you know one with paper pages).  To this day, I still see this in practice during the weekend where they will go have rest after a huge week at school or just do something quietly to help refresh for the coming week.

All of us need a little down time to refresh.  It takes out some of the stress of the busyness of life.  If you're not use to this, why not try 10-20 minutes.  Grab a cuppa and go and sit quietly in the garden and just enjoy your drink.

Living life includes enjoying it...

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