Friday, September 28, 2018

Great Adventure

Over the past week, we've been on a great adventure.

Our original plan was to go to Lawn Hill National Park and home again.

Well, we've been there.  And it seems my family loves driving so we're now at Richmond.

A big shout out to the Lakeview Caravan Park in Richmond! 

Last Sunday we left around 3pm and made it to the other side of Georgetown.   We waited until our second son had finished competing in the Mountain Bike Downhill competition at My Baldy, Atherton.

Monday saw a long day going to Croydon,  Normanton,  Karumba and finishing at Leichhardt Falls.

Tuesday we drove to Burketown.  There we had the privilege to catch up with a local lady who has served on the mission field in remote Queensland for over 40years (her husband was out assisting locals over 1 hour away for a conference).

To be able to spend time with her and hear some of their stories about serving in floods, drought and remote areas was inspiring.

We then drove to Leichhardt Falls to camp.  God makes amazing places for us to enjoy.

Wednesday we arrived at Lawn Hill National Park.   Swimming,  hiking, kayaking was enjoyed.   Thursday morning was spent going up part of the gorge in a kayak.  Absolutely stunning.

We also visited Adels Grove.  Great fish and chips!😉

It's quite warm during the day so once  it cooled a little we walked around part of Lawn Hill National Park where there were lots of tree's.

Friday (today) saw the 'itchy feet' 😆  So we packed up and headed off.  From Lawn Hill National Park through to Burke and Wills Roadhouse,  down the Will Development Road to Julia Creek and across to Richmond.   Crazy day.

So here tonight I sit with electricity,  hot showers grass!

Being a passenger means I get to watch the ever-changing landscape.

Pray for our farmers, support our National Parks and tourist attractions.   Spend a little in the towns you pass through,  be thankful that we can travel,  explore and enjoy our country.

The past week has shown us amazing landscapes,  and drought affected areas.  We are blessed living on the Atherton Tablelands.

Live life to make a difference!

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