Monday, January 14, 2019

Life is...Time to Declutter

Have you noticed that at the beginning of a new year  you suddenly begin to see lots of posts, pins and blogs on decluttering?

Well, I decided I'm not paying someone to tell me how to declutter,  but just to start going cupboard by cupboards, room by room until each was done.

I'm not against anyone getting help, please understand that if you need help, go to someone who can do so.

The last couple of weeks has been stress reliving going through 'stuff ' and giving away, throwing out, letting go.

Some in my family find this difficult,  where I find it a great stress relief!

To start?  Begin with a cupboard,  maybe one bookshelf...but set goals to accomplish the task.  We hang onto stuff, just in case.  But our kids, or grandchildren don't want our stuff.   We can't take it with us when we die.

Letting go is one thing, but not buying stuff is also part of the mind change.   Instead of buying things, talk with your loved ones about what they would like.

Our children enjoy 4-wheel driving and camping,  so we're saving up to do a trip later this year.  Our kids don't want things, but experiences, they love!

So decluttering is only part of keeping order in our homes, changing our mindset about what we truly need is also part of the equation.

Live life to make a difference!

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