Friday, February 01, 2019

Being Thankful (Water)

At present,  our local area is keeping a close watch on Lake Tinaroo as the water level rises.  There is an expectation that this dam will overflow at its spillway in the next few days.
The region is thankful for the water as it brings freshness, hope, relief, and hope for farmers, the agricultural industry and water supply for local towns.
We generally take water for granted.   As we turn on our taps,  the expectation is that water will flow. 
Do we make it a normal part of our day to be thankful?  As water brings hope and freshness, being thankful can change our attitude,  view and expression of daily language.  Do you simply express thankfulness,  even for something like having water? 
I look at the local dam filling up and am thankful for the rain and how the Lord has given us provision of water to drink, to clean out streams and rivers, to help our gardens grow, to produce the many crops grown in our region.
How we choose to live life matters.  Live life to make a difference  - start each day expressing thankfullness 

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