About Sally

Sally has a passion to see people fulfil their God-given purpose and potential. Celebrating 25 years of marriage to husband Ean; they both enjoy their three children, one of whom have embarked on the next stage of life and entered the workforce whilst their other two children are completing High School. The whole family values participating in the life of their local community.

Esther 4:14 tells us that Mordecai challenged Esther not to remain silent but speak up about what was going to happen to her people. Sally believes we are born for this time. Live to make a difference.

As a working Mum, volunteer in the local community and passionate Australian, Sally believes that we must stand up to make a difference in our nation. We can't be silent and think someone else will do something about the issues our communities face.

"I’m passionate to see people reaching their God-given potential, see families that are happy, healthily and loving; see people wanting to enjoy and live life; enjoy their work, know God personally and have a restored relationship with Him.  In the midst of our hurting world, seeing one person finding help instead of opting for suicide, or one elderly person finding comfort after losing their spouse, or one marriage being re-built, or one family growing stronger and closer instead of falling apart makes the time and effort invested worthwhile.

I love to see people working together in their marriages, families, as a team in community initiatives, and individually whilst contributing to society and learning new skills. 

The joy it brings when you walk with a group and see them complete their goals is wonderful, but it’s the journey that is memorable.

When you step up and out then God steps in and the most amazing journey of your life begins.”

Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands FNQ